Rebellion 2019 Calendar
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Rebellion 2019 Calendar

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Our 2019 calendar. Containing all 12 months of 2019. 

Pictures show the artwork of our beer series for 2019 - The Aviator Series

The months show dates for our open night, wine tastings and other important dates. There is also information about beers that will be brewed that month. 


To introduce The Aviator Series.....

We would like to introduce you to Roger who will be our test pilot for all our beer names throughout the year. You'll see him on all the pump clips as the year progresses, so here's a bit of backstory on our pilot....

Roger "Mayday" Bickford-Smith 3rd was a middle-aged man from the home counties who loved his beer and his local pub.

He loved all things related to aviation, planes and flight. His fascination came from reading Biggles books as a child and learning about the heroics of the RAF in WW2, especially the Battle of Britain.

During the 60's he learnt to fly and as soon as he could, bought a number of old RAF Spitfires, his all-time favourite plane. To complete the classic pilot look, he also bought an authentic flying jacket, flying cap and goggles making him look rather spiffing. 

He tried and failed to join the RAF as a fighter pilot, truly believing he was the best pilot they never had. He then became a hapless, try-hard, over-confident member of his local flying club and as you will see throughout the year, his un-earned, cocksure attitude gets him into several tricky situations.

Roger and out.

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